Monday, July 16, 2007

In Ten Words or Less...: The Last Mimzy

Trippy. Perfect for five-year-old potheads.


Anonymous said...

Hello my brother! How are you?

Last I heard you may not be back at Bryan this fall, is that true?

When I was refacing my blog you weren't posting anything so I didn't add a link to my blog. Is it cool if I link you now?

Feel free to check mine out bro!

Oh, and I read your list of authors- everyone I've heard of I like!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you get accepted, and I cannot imagine why they would not accept you!

But you will be sorely missed, as you would leave me with only Will, David, and David B. as friends!

The atonement posts sound really interesting. I really look forward to reading them, and you'll get your discussion!

I was planning to publish a series of posts using the paper Andrew and I co-wrote on film, but my hard drive crashed and I lost it. I think I had the only completed copy.

Now I'm considering a series of posts on grace, probably called Sola Graci.

Anyway! Happy blogging!